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Be Wary Microsoft Call Scam or Unsolicited Tech Support Calls 

S-Mall urges you to be wary to such phishing calls or hoax calls who are just out to scam you and rip cash from you.

In 2013 i have a client who called me to say Microsoft has called him. I was shocked as he should have received a scam call, as Microsoft generally do not make calls to any of their end users. And this prompts me to write this article to warn about such tech support scams which has been existent for the past few years


Typical procedures that these scammers used to make you trust them

1) Your PC has errors or virus

During the phone conversation, they (the scammers) will get you to check you your event viewer log. The event viewer is a viewer that shows the events that happened in your PC (duh!)  And they will direct you to find all the errors to convince you that you computer has problems.

Errors are uncommon in event viewer, but they do not indicate that your pc has viruses. But even with new PC, you will still have errors! Your PC can still run without major issues. If you were to scroll the event log, you can actually see that these errors have existing for months, even years in your PC. And isn't your PC still working well without major issues?


2) Remote PC Access To Gain Control Of Your PC

After they have gained your trust, you will be directed to certain websites to download certain programs to for them to gain access to check the problem for you for FREE


3) Getting You to PAY

Once they gain access to your PC, they will continue to convince you that your system is having problems by showing you MORE ERRORS. After which they will install some programs into your PC to cleanse your system. And of course, getting your to buy their software.



What to do if you completed the above 3 steps?

Firstly, do not blame yourself, as this can happen to anyone, and these scammers are professional con mans. They spend years to perfect their speeches.

Next, Immediately do a system restore to roll back the programs that has been installed.

After doing the system restore to uninstall the programs installed done by the phone scammer who claims to be from a tech company, download free anti virus, such as AVG (free for home and non commercial use), update it and run a full system scan.

While performing the system scan, log in to your online banking account, email accounts and change all your passwords, and if possible, username.

If you have made payment to them, call your bank and hopefully, you are able to reverse the charges.


Read the following for more information:

1st link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/security/online-privacy/avoid-phone-scams.aspx by Microsoft (Link not working)

2nd link: http://answers.Microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_xp-security/phone-call-scam-received-call-from-a-technician/6ed2b99c-20ff-468b-a69b-aec78b93f287 about an user who has received such scam calls.

 3rd http://www.informationweek.com/security/management/Microsoft-windows-support-call-scams-7-f/240005023 A security researcher's conversation flow with scammers.


As highlighted at the end of the article in the 1st link, "You will never receive a legitimate call from Microsoft or our partners to charge you for computer fixes"


Be Wary of anyone who claims to be from Microsoft or even S-Mall.

The ONLY contact number S-Mall has is the mobile number listed in this website +65 9171 6803

and the email always end with "@s-mall.com.sg"