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Home Network Setup

singapore home network setup promotionThis promotion is only valid for home users and not for commercial offices.


We assist you to perform wireless setup for home with no limit to the amount of PC/ printers, network drives, laptop you want us to setup.


Had a IP or network camera or printer? We help you to install them. Singtel or starhub, myrepublic, m1 fibre, whizzcomm users? No worries.

Did you just purchase a new wireless router or modem from singtel or starhub or M1 or IP camera and require help setting it up? Or moved into a new apartment and find out that your previous wifi devices and setup cant work as expected in the new environment?

Or have various brands of networking equipments and have issues using the wireless at home?


- help you to setup your home wireless network with your existing router

- optimize the mesh wireless unit placement and configuration to ensure that your mesh wifi nodes work the way they should work!

- configure multiple time capsule, airport express, airport extreme

- assist you to setup your network IP camera(s) and access them remotely, away from home. (Some ISP block this feature, we do the necessary checks for you)

- No limits on the amount of PCs and devices to connect to the network

- secured it with a strong password to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your private network

- teach you how to allow users' notebook/desktop to join your network and bar strangers from joining your network

- setup your printer to join your home network to become a network printer (depending on the specifications of the printer).

- allow the rest of the computers and notebook to print to the network printer.

- share your newly signed broadband / open net optic fibre service and share with the rest of the computers wirelessly in your home, be it a hdb flat, 3 storey bungalow or terrace house.

- enhance your home wireless wifi coverage and reduce blind spots (areas / rooms with zero wireless signal) to 0%

We will try to use your existing hardware to solve your wireless issue, to save hardware cost. However, if your existing hardware, is not usable due to due to incorrect recommendations by sales assistants at other shops, additional trips might be required for hardware purchase.

Typical HDB / Condo to mulitple storeys houses' / cluster houses home wifi coverage problems, which has already been constructed, can be solved in a single trip most of the time as long as sufficient details has been provided to S-Mall prior to the service trip and existing equipments are able to fit into the optimized network


Worry about setup cost for such comprehensive network services?

As long as the premises where S-Mall is doing the setup is a non-commercial residential location, the payable network setup / configuration fee is capped at the fee stated below! 

You will never pay more than 698*** for network related configuration services!


This means, our service fee to check and solve your network can be lower than that!


 Call us at 9171 6803 to solve your network wireless issue NOW!


** (Promo Price Cap valid for home users (Non GCB and single building) and non-commercial setup)

** Additional hardware, or additional lan data point to be setup, if required, are excluded from promotional price 

*** 698 is based on 640 (Capped setup service fee for entire project) + 58 (onsite fee). If multiple trips are required, only the additional onsite fee will be added.

** Typical HDB / Condo - 2 storey houses's home wifi coverage area can be enhanced in a single trip without major issues as long as the necessary cable backend are available. If additional equipments are required, 2 trips could be needed.



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