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Computer Hardware Guide

Does the technical name of different component of a computer, such as RAM, processor, scares you off?

In this article, we will be covering most of the computer hardware in regardless of the form size (physical size of the computer casing)



Essential Computer Hardware

Consists of

- Mainboard



- Hard Disk Drive

- Graphic Card

- Power Supply / Casing

- Optical Drive

- Monitor

- Keyboard / Mouse


Mainboard (Motherboard)

This is the biggest piece of hardware in the system. This is where various other essential components connect onto it, such as CPU, Ram, Hard Disk drive, etc, to it. Modern mid-range mainboard usually comes with add-on component such LAN port, sound card and graphics card. As other hardware connects to the mainboard, it is important to ensure that the mainboard purchased is of high caliber and has at least the add-on component as stated in the paragraph above.

S-Mall Pte Ltd ensures you that the mainboard of the custom built computer purchased from us have been rigidly tested for errors.

To purchase a Custom Built Computer from us, please go to our Custom Built Computer page.


Central Processing Unit (CPU)

This is one of the computer hardware that determines the speed of the whole system. The other determining hardware are the RAM and Hard Disk Drive.

Single Core CPUs are almost obsolete and are much slower compared to their Dual Core / Quad Core, i3, i5, i7, and sandy,ivy bridge and haswell counterparts.

Usually a numeric figure is stated and that is the clock frequency, commonly known as the speed of the CPU. Usually the higher the clock frequency, the faster your data can be processed.

S-Mall Pte Ltd ensures you that we install Dual Core CPU in our Custom System which is a minimum requirement.



Known as Random Access Memory, are memory chips where data are temporary stored. By storing the data on RAMs, the CPU is able to process the data in a shorter period which leads faster execution of the instructions and tasks assigned to the computer.

Usually a numeric figure (in Gb) is stated and that is the physical size of data the RAM is able to store.

S-Mall Pte Ltd ensures you of at least 2Gb of RAM for your system for your DIY system


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