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Using Alternate Ways to Access Your Network Drive - Use FTP
Access your network drives using only MY COMPUTER and a method called FTP

Prevention is always better than cure. If one day, your network drives fail to allow you to access your data from the network, do not panic. There are always alternate ways and methods.

This method taught will be extremely simple and will help you to access your network drive's data within 5 minutes or even less.


XP My Computer Screen for FTP

1) Go to START and open MY COMPUTER


Key network drive ip address into MY COMPUTER address bar

2) At MY COMPUTER, Key in the IP Address of the network drive into the address bar(which is highlighted), which i have highlighted. format to type is "ftp://ipaddress" {without quotes}

* IP Address is usually in the format ttt.xxx.yyy.zzz (exmaple,}



My Computer FTP login to network drive

3) After typing ftp://ipaddress into the address bar, If the IP address is correct, you will see the option "Login As" under FILE. If not, check with your IT administrator for more information.



computer ftp login to access network drive

 4) After selecting Login As, a box will appear and prompt you for password, key in your username and password to access your network drive


successfully using ftp to access my computer


5) If you managed to see your network folders, congratulations, you have succeed in using MY COMPUTER to FTP into your network drives.



** In the case where you are unable to login, verify that

- The IP address of the network drive is correct

- The username and password are correct

- verify that you have access to access the drives.

- FTP service is enabled in NAS


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